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The copyright of many of the sound and music clips on this site is not owned by Cheeky Monkey Resources. The clips collected on Cheeky Monkey Resources are intended to save teachers time searching the internet. Cheeky Monkey Resources has simply collected clips which are readily available for free download on other websites. In any instance that the copyright holder is unhappy with the inclusion of their clip, they should email me and I will gladly remove it from the website immediately.

All sounds and music clips are copyrighted by their licensors. Their inclusion on this website is intended for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY. They are NOT to be sold or used for commercial use without permission of the copyright holder. This site does not own the copyright for much of the music and cannot grant permission for commercial use. 

All other resources on this site are the copyright of Cheeky Monkey Resources. They are intended for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY by the person who downloaded or purchased the material.

All users of Cheeky Monkey Resources must agree to adhere to the terms and conditions.


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